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Architecture and the decor of the Runowo Palace hand perfectly the interesting history of the place. Events from the past give this place great power as well as unique character, and attractions available on the spot will let each of you feel the former, palace atmosphere.

1325 - Runowo first mentioned, as owners the Koronowski Family – the Cistercian monks from Byszewo.

XVI/XVII - Jan Orzelski built the brick, extensive Renaissance manor house in the place of an ancient timber construction which had been destroyed through the fire. The park was probably established in the period of manor house construction. In the period of the palace construction, the park received today's landscape character.

As a result of family connections this estate belonged later to the Działyński Family.

1860 - the manor house was rebuilt from the initiative of contemporary owners – namely of the family von Bethmann- Hollweg. From the prototype partly vaulted cradle behaved basements and walls reaching the height of the crowning cornice. On the north wall behaved a flagging founding with given date 1595, stating about the foundation by Jan Orzelski. This date attests probably that this year the foundation stone was set up to the future palace. At the bottom you can see the track after the second board which after the war was used as the stair of stairs for one of offices in Runowo, but did not survive until today.

1945 - the palace was set fire by the German armies moving back and compeletly devastated in all post-war years. From the prototype of the palace a tower with the clock stayed.

After the war the estate was a national domain until 1997.

At present the Runowo Palace is located in private hands.

In Poland you will find interesting, restored hotels. The Kujawsko-pomorskie Province, however, will enrapture you with the beautiful nature, and the Runowo Palace - with its unique atmosphere.

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