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The Runowo Palace is located in the very beautiful Runowo Krajeńskie town in the Więcbork commune, in the Sępoleński district, in the borderland of the Kujawsko-pomorskie Province and Greater Poland province, on the area of the Krajeński Landscape Park.

Numerous lakes, rivers, hunting grounds, charmingly located small towns, villages and interesting tourist slags enable rest and tourism in the region of Runowo. The varied terrain, beautiful beaches and forest lakes encourage you to horse rides and long walks as well as to bicycle trips on marked trails and forest roads. Golfing and balloon flights are additional attractions offered by the region.

In the most immediate surroundings of Runowo you can find a lot of interesting monuments:

  • Parish church in Runowo Krajeńskie along with the brick presbytery of modest classical features coming from the beginning of the 17th century, funded by the Orzelski Family, founders of the Runowo Palace
  • Parish church in Więcbork built in 1772-1778. It has a rococo-classical decor of the inside from the 18th century. A graveyard chapel under the St Catherine’s summons period located on the parish graveyard dates more or less from the same
  • Parish church in Sypniewo from 1781 of half-timbered construction with the baroque decor and neoclassical palace-park team built in 1850 with neo-Renaissance features. Around there is a landscape park with a rich tree stand and ponds
  • Hunting palace in the Runowo town Mill from 1912, as the historical interesting fact - in interwar years it was a residence of the president Ignacy Mościcki. Among the Palace – Park Complex in Runowo and the Hunting Palace there is a Royal route linking both areas being once the property of the Bethmann - Hollweg families.
  • Palace in Suchorączek from 1853 along with the landscape park from the half of the 19th century
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